Our Team

TaylorMade Contracting, LLC. is a general contracting company recognized for outstanding quality and exemplary service in the construction field.  Our team is committed to providing superior workmanship and excellence to our clients by practicing a strategic pricing model and with over twenty years of experience combined you can rest assured with confidence that your project is being managed by a talented and knowledgeable team.  Moreover, because we strive to ensure our clients’ vision are realized we maintain reoccurring relationships and continue to work on future projects from current clients.  TaylorMade Contracting is a certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in New York State and New York City.  


Joycelyn M. Taylor - CEO

Joycelyn Taylor is the CEO and co-founder of TaylorMade Contracting, LLC.  Joycelyn has been perfecting her craft over the span of 20 years and has extended experience working and overseeing projects in real estate development firms as well as Fortune 500 companies managing new construction enterprises.  Joycelyn has demonstrated superior construction management and design skills which has led to receiving numerous awards including the 2015 Business Visionary Award.  In addition to her role at TaylorMade Contracting Joycelyn is the founding member of the NYC MWBE Alliance, Inc and serves as the Chairperson..


Larry R. Alexander - President

Larry Alexander is the President of TaylorMade Contracting, LLC., whom co-founded the company alongside his business partner Joycelyn Taylor in 2012.  Larry’s determination, drive, and unwavering dedication to his clients to deliver exceptional performance have contributed to the longevity of his career.  Larry’s accomplishments have successfully led to over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and brings a wealth of expertise to his role.  Larry’s reputation for being detailed oriented, meticulous and completing projects with a high-quality finish has forged and maintain reoccurring clients and business relationships. If you can visualize it, Larry can make it happen. Larry is a native of the Island of Trinidad and Tobago and enjoys cycling.

Nitesh K. Parihar - Project Manager

Nitesh Parihar is the Project Manager for TaylorMade Contracting, LLC., and is responsible for ensuring that all projects are constructed to specification, completed in a timely and efficient manner, and priced competitively with consideration of our clients.  Additionally, Nitesh is charged with delivering on our commitment to provide, execute, and realize the uppermost standards adhered to by TaylorMade Contracting in ensuring the quality of the projects, the safety of the staff on the jobsite, and collaborating with engineers and architects while serving as the liaison between sub-contractors and TaylorMade Contracting.  Nitesh has honed his craft over the years by continuing to analyze each project and being resolute to completion.  He is an experienced project manager with a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.



Rushane Montaque - Administrative Assistant

Rushane Montaque is the administrative assistant at TaylorMade Contracting, LLC. Rushane's role is vital to ensuring that the gears of the company continue to run smoothly.  He is responsible for managing all front-end operations of the office.  Rushane is an experienced administrative assistant and holds an Associate's Degree in Business Administration from the Borough of Manhattan Community College. 

Justin C. Taylor - Operations Manager

Justin Taylor is the Operations Manager for TaylorMade Contracting, LLC.  One of his primary functions is to develop, implement, and execute policies and procedures strategically design to streamline office operations, improve performance and productivity in addition to preparing, monitoring and managing finances respective to the company as well as the labor staff.  TaylorMade Contracting prides itself on providing excellent customer service to its clients which maintains a continual relationship with our existing clients and subcontractors and new build new relationships.  As such, Justin serves as the liaison between clients and TaylorMade Contracting and excels at cultivating these relationships. He strives to ensure his goals are achieved which results in a smooth process both for our clients and firm.  Justin is an experienced Operations Manager and holds a Bachelor's Degree from Dickinson College.