WOTD: Leader

Good Morning and happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is gearing up for another productive day today! The biggest thing in life and definitely the workplace is identifying a leader. Leaders are essential for any workplace because it shows that they can take charge at any given time without hesitation or worry. They know how to effectively delegate tasks to other employees and monitor, as well as assist them if any issues occur. Leaders usually tend to have varying personalities but more so usually an aggressive type of attitude which doesn't necessarily imply that they're mean, they more so just wants to ensure the job is done in an efficient and timely manner.

Today's quote about leadership comes from John C. Maxwell, and he says:

 " A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way"

What this quote means to me is that in order for you to be an effective leader you must know how to lead, how to delegate orders and assists by example on how to carry out those orders. Leaders rarely need to ask the upper management for assistance because they already know what to do and how to do it. The only reason why they may report to the upper management is to inform them on the status of a current job that's being done.

Rushane Montaque

WOTD: Success

Good morning from the TaylorMade family

Happy Friday! the weekend is here once again. Just because  that you're utilizing the time in a productive manner.

Word of the day: Success

What does the term "Success" mean to you? I will tell you what it means to me. Success is the your end goal from all the blood, sweat and tears that you have put in over the years to build your foundation from the ground up. Success is being able to say you have finally acquired all of the things you ever wanted in your life and that you are finally happy with where you want to be. For me, I still have a long ways to go before I can finally say that I'm where I want to be in life. I still have an immense amount of blood,sweat and tears that I have to put in to achieve that goal. Here's a quote from Robert J. Collier that I want to share with you guys, hopefully it resonates with you all.

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out"

What this quote means to me is that as long as you make an effort to achieve your goal 24/7, success will eventually come to you, you just have to be persistent and hungry for it.

Rushane Montaque


WOTD: Time

Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday from the TaylorMade family!

Word of the day: Time

Now I'm pretty sure you all have heard the saying "time waits for no man". Time is one of, if not thee most precious thing that we have in this life. It has to be spent very wisely and very effectively as every second that passes is a second that we can not get back. So to utilize that time, we have to ensure that we're getting maximum value from what we choose to invest it in. We all understand the value of time and how it can make or break how we go about our day. It feels like yesterday was the beginning of the new year and we're almost at the end of the year. You see how quickly how time flies? This is why we always use this saying "Time waits for no man". Apart from that quote (which everyone knows), we'll analyze this quote from Andy Warhol from Brainy Quote:

"They always say time changes things, but you have to actually change them yourself"

What I get from this quote is that this....phenomenon called time has the ability to change things every second but that's not to say that time controls our body movement or how we carry out our daily tasks, that's something we still have control over. So once again with every passing second we have to make the best of it.

Rushane Montaque


WOTD: Truthful

Good morning and happy Tuesday from the TaylorMade family!

Word of the day: Truthful

Has there ever been a time where you were doing something you didn't want to, and you only did it to make someone else happy? It's because we value that person so much we sacrifice our happiness to ensure that they're happy and they're okay, but who's looking out for you to make sure that you're okay? Who's looking out for you to make sure that you're happy? We tend to lie to people about how truly unhappy we are, whether it's something going on at work, school or just our personal lives. Always be truthful with yourself and be truthful to others about how you feel about certain things. You may not want to tell them everything but just tell them just enough to where you get that comfort and advice that you need to be fully happy with yourself. Here's a quote from Jim Beggs:

"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple, with no logical end" 

My interpretation of this quote is that we, as human beings don't things just for the sake of doing it there'e always an underlying reason for us doing it and that reason becomes set in stone for an extended period of time. 

Rushane Montaque


Word of the day (WOTD): Obstacles

Good Morning Guys, 

Word of the day: Obstacles

So today (and from now on) I want to share with you all "The word of the day" andsome inspirational quotes everyday that the word binds to. I know we all...well most of us lead very stressful lives and need a way to cope with all the stress. Some of us may listen to music (like I do) or take a quick walk somewhere or meditate. In this day and age we need these coping mechanisms to make it through the day and have some type of comfort no matter how small it is. The smallest things can turn anyone's stressful day into one where they may remember for the rest of the day, week or even a lifetime. Today I plan to do that with some quotes that I either found online or came up with myself. I have to remind myself like that life is too short to feel stressed about everyday life, why not make the best parts out of it by feeling happy inside. Our word of the day is "Obstacles" and the quote of the day that binds that work comes from Moliere:

"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it"

What I think this means the harder, the task the better the rewards. Each difficult task we come across almost always have a high reward after it's been completed. Apart from the rewards we also have a great feel of sensation and achievement as well. 

Rushane Montaque