WOTD: Situations

Good morning everyone from the TaylorMade family! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We're back at it again for another week of hard work and making differences! Now I am pretty sure we all have been in situations that we are unsure of how to handle. How do you cope with that ? how do resolve that current situation that you are caught up in? I will tell you 3 easy steps to conquering that challenge and tackling it head on and reapply these steps for any situation that you might catch yourself in. First step is to evaluate the situation, see what exactly is going on from A to Z. Second step, draft up an outline of how you will be tackling the situation. Explore your pro's and con's, if you do this then this will be the outcome or if you do that then this will be the outcome. After you map out your blueprint of how you'll be tackling the issue head-on then you go on to step three, which is execution of step 2. This should be the easiest part because you have mapped this out in step 2 so all your doing is just following the steps that you came up with in step two and ensuring a smooth outcome. Now not all executions will be smooth, there will be hiccups along the way that requires some compromising (see previous post about compromising) and you will have to think quick on how you will be compromising. Usually with improvisations it requires really fast thinking since you will most likely be pressed for time since this is a sudden issue but when you successfully improvise and fix the existing issue then you continue on with your execution and finally dissolve the situation that you were in.

Today's quote comes from Phoebe Snow  of BrainyQuotes and she states that:

"Sometimes when you're in a situation - when you're in the darkest of darkness - that's when your priorities are reordered"

This quote from Ms. Snow resonates with many people in the sense where people makes the rashest decisions based on their current predicaments, so mentally they are trying really quickly to find a solution to a problem that requires that certain amount of urgency. All in all we, as humans are capable of handling only but so much stress which is detrimental to our health. So the best thing for us to do is try to find that peace of mind and create a coping mechanism to reduce that amount of stress.