WOTD: Peace

Good Afternoon from the TaylorMade family! I hope everyone is doing wonderful on this Tuesday morning. Lets make the best of our day today and have a positive mindset to get us through today. Today we will talk about the idea of "peace" and how it impacts our everyday lives, business and state of mind. Everyone has their ideology of what peace means to them. We use this coping mechanism as a way to make it through a stressful day at work or just a stressful day in general. We each have our own distinct ways of making the best of creating a peaceful environment around us no matter what we may be going through on any given day. This is highly important because it allows your mind to be contained and not think about so many different things which causes a lot of stress. This is especially needed in the work place because depending on what you have to do on any given day it can become very stressful and overwhelming. As humans our mind and bodies can take but so much stress and it can cause it to shut down. This is why we all need a coping mechanism to deal with the pressure and stress one might feel on a daily basis. 

Today's quote comes from Swiss designer, entrepreneur and educator, Yves Behar from BrainyQuotes and he says:

"Sometimes you can find peace of mind by transferring yourself. They're just reminders to stay calm..."

What this is means to me is that we all have the ability to find that peace of mind and sometimes it can be attained by changing up certain habits and mindset about yourself and utilizing those characteristics to establish that peace of mind.