WOTD: Self-Taught

Good Morning TaylorMade family, happy Thursday! I hope everyone is doing great. It seems like Spring wont come at all huh? Well hopefully in the coming weeks we can hang up the heavy coats and clothing. Today I want to get on the topic of being self-taught and what it means to be teach yourself how to attain a new skill set or upgrade your current skill set to be a better asset to yourself or to a company that you're working at. Like anybody in the workforce, you want a larger salary right? Of course wanting a higher salary and earning a higher salary are two very much different things. You can't want a higher salary and expect to just get it, you have to earn it and what's a better to earn a higher salary? outperform your basic skill set by either learning a new one or be willing to push your skill set to higher limits. Learning a new skill and acquiring a new skill takes a lot of time and patience but it will all be worth it in the end.

Today's quote comes from french photographer and filmmaker William Klein from Brainy Quotes:

"I had no real respect for good technique because I didn't know what it was. I was self-taught, so that stuff didn't matter to me"

 What I think this quote means is that people who were self-taught like Mr. Klein didn't see a need to learn any techniques from anyone since he's been self-taught. I think that this ideology is good and bad in a sense because being self-taught gives you the ability to hone your skills that you yourself learned but at the same time it limits you from learning from others who also has the same capabilities but approached it differently, you could learn something from that individual that you never initially knew.