WOTD: Self-Conscious

Good Morning and happy Friday from the TaylorMade family! I know what you guys are thinking, Friday is finally upon us! and the weekend is once again here! as a daily reminder, never give up on your dreams and aspirations in life because it might seem like it's not going anywhere but always remember the saying "slow and steady wins the race" you can't expect to embark on a quest to start a business today and by tomorrow it becomes a multi-millionaire corporation. The key is to be self-conscious about what you can manage as your thinking about how you want to effectively scale your business for the long term. 

A quote from Damien Hirst says that:

" Kids are naturally gifted at art from a very young age. The problem is when they get older and become self-conscious. The process should always be fun, though."

What this quote means to me is that from birth we are all very talented but as we get older and see the environment and the society around us we become self-conscious about we are viewed as opposed to exploring whatever talent(s) we were gifted with. 

Rushane Montaque