WOTD: Mistakes

Good Morning from the the TaylorMade family! I hope everyone is starting off their Monday morning just right! Today I want to talk about the concept of making mistakes. What does it mean to make a mistake? Mistakes tend to happen from time to time based on what it is. Some mistakes can have a small impact on what it is you were/are doing while others can dramatically effect the outcome of a situation. Some people take mistakes that they have made very seriously no matter how small, while others just brush it off. Which way is the right way to handle  this ? This depends on an individuals mentality and their effectiveness to avoid those mistakes again or rectify the mistake at an effective pace. Making personal mistakes is really not big of an issue for most people because it's something that's affecting them personally, but if you make mistakes at your workplace then it feels like the weight of the world just collapsed on your shoulders because you're unsure of the repercussions from your superiors. Some permits any errors in the job place while others are more lenient and just let you know not to make those same mistakes again. 

Today's quote comes from Spencer Johnson from Brainy Quotes. He states that:

"I was taking myself very seriously when I was going through life changes. And I realized that I needed to laugh at myself, particularly at my mistakes"

My interpretation of this quote to means that while we may make mistakes in our lives, we shouldn't hold it to ourselves but instead laugh at them and realize that in life you'll make mistakes but never allow it to stress you out and keep pushing on.