Updates: Amazon HQ

Good Morning Taylormade family, I hope is starting their Wednesday right this morning! So today I have some updates and thoughts on Amazon's HQ2. So recently Amazon has picked 20 finalist's to build their second headquarters, New York was fortunately one of the 20 that got chosen to be the host of Amazon's HQ2. The corporation received more than 238 proposals all throughout the North American Region. Now while you may think everyone wants to be the home of Amazon's HQ2, others such as Little Rock, Arkansas didn't participate in sending proposals for the proposed HQ2. The mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas stated that Amazons second HQ, if they were to win the bid, would cause a lot of traffic issues to its town and would inconvenience a lot of the towns people in the area. They also went as far taking out a newspaper ad in the Washington Post, which is owned by the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, explaining why they don't want a second HQ in their home town. 

My thoughts on this is that, while Amazon is a multi-billion corporation, I understand the need for them to expand their business to generate profit. If these cities, towns, provinces, etc. doesn't want to Amazon's HQ2 in their area then that's fine, at the end of the day it is still a business that has workers that needs to pay their bills and live. Jeff Bezos is fortunate enough to have built this colossal company from the ground up. I, for one is happy that Mr. Bezos is making strides in expanding his corporation because I would want to see the innovations that they come up in the near future.

Finally, lets hope that New York gets chosen to be the next home of HQ2 :)! 

Rushane Montaque


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