WOTD: Future

Happy Monday from the TaylorMade family!

Word of the day: Future 

So it's Monday all over again and if you feel the same way I feel it's not a really good feeling. Unfortunately just like you we have goals that we set for ourselves that we have to achieve by all means necessary. We might not want to do it but as the days go on we have to cherish it dearly because we are going through a lot right now as a whole and the last thing you want to do is put even more pressure on yourself. Today's quote is based upon our futures and the goals we have set to achieve a bright and fulfilling future. Also this quote is something I came up with, hopefully it resonates with all of our readers:


"How your life will be in the future will tell you how hard you worked in the present"

What I mean by this quote is that we all have goals that we have conjured up for ourselves and maybe our young ones. We all say that we want a bigger house, more money, better job but how hard are we really working to achieve these goals? that's what our future will tell us. So let's not dream about having a bigger house or more money or flashy cars, start working towards it!

Rushane Montaque