Word of the day (WOTD): Obstacles

Good Morning Guys, 

Word of the day: Obstacles

So today (and from now on) I want to share with you all "The word of the day" andsome inspirational quotes everyday that the word binds to. I know we all...well most of us lead very stressful lives and need a way to cope with all the stress. Some of us may listen to music (like I do) or take a quick walk somewhere or meditate. In this day and age we need these coping mechanisms to make it through the day and have some type of comfort no matter how small it is. The smallest things can turn anyone's stressful day into one where they may remember for the rest of the day, week or even a lifetime. Today I plan to do that with some quotes that I either found online or came up with myself. I have to remind myself like that life is too short to feel stressed about everyday life, why not make the best parts out of it by feeling happy inside. Our word of the day is "Obstacles" and the quote of the day that binds that work comes from Moliere:

"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it"

What I think this means the harder, the task the better the rewards. Each difficult task we come across almost always have a high reward after it's been completed. Apart from the rewards we also have a great feel of sensation and achievement as well. 

Rushane Montaque