WOTD: Uplift

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY from the TaylorMade family!

Word of the day: Uplift

I hope everyone is doing well today. It's Friday! so we all know what that means!? the weekend has arrived once more. I know some of you still have work that needs to be done for Monday and some of you may even have work and/or school on the weekends, don't let that discourage you from still enjoying yourself this upcoming weekend. Here's the quote of the day to keep you uplifted for this weekend.

This quote comes from Lena Horne:

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it"

What my interpretation of this quote means is that the problems we come across on a daily basis doesn't have to formulate into it overcoming you and ultimately have it be your downfall. The best way is to find a way to work around it or to come up with a strategy to tackle it.

Rushane Montaque