Won Projects!

Good Morning from the TaylorMade family! I hope everyone had  a wonderful Memorial Day weekend ! So these past few weeks have been a myriad of good news for TaylorMade Contracting. We have begun mobilization on Liberty Middle School, which we are expected to be completed by September 2018 and we have won another job with New York's Economic Development Corporation, this project is a theater renovation at the Heritage School in the Bronx. We are expected to start mobilization when we receive the NTP (notice to proceed) from the subsidiary corporation, Armand Corp. Once we receive this notice then we will begin mobilization of this project. As we begin to get more and more opportunities and continue to win more of these opportunities we have to figure out how we will be able to manage all of these projects. The key to do this is time management and planning! Once we brainstorm the blueprint of how we will tackle these jobs then we can execute them in a more organized and efficient manner. If we have to hire more staff to ensure the smooth transition into these jobs then we will do so as long as everything goes as planned. For now, we're just excited that we are getting these opportunities and hopefully we'll continue to get more opportunities in the near future. 

WOTD: Opportunities

Good Morning from the TaylorMade family, I hope everyone is doing great on this Tuesday morning. It is not uncommon for opportunities to start pouring in depending on your field of work. The construction field especially, is a field where we thrive on the many possibilities that's thrown at us especially given the nature of the industry. It can bring massive rewards if know what you're doing. There's key elements to the construction field that you must take into consideration when trying to win these opportunities such as location, competitors, type of job it is, etc. Once you figure out these elements then you putting your numbers together should be easy. The construction industry is just one area that has a lot of opportunities, there's tons of other areas that consistently brings you other opportunities, it's just for you to grasp them and take advantage of it because it's one thing to get these opportunities but another to actually act on it. We are always looking for more and better opportunities to make our lives and/or our family lives better than what it is now, and we should. Why should you subject you and/or your family to the lives you already leading if you're unhappy with it? This is why we seek out these opportunities, or if you're lucky enough, one comes straight to you. So never stop looking and never stop believing!

Today's quote comes from American Athlete Sugar Ray Leonard from Brainy Quotes and he says:

"Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities"

My interpretation of this quote means that whatever our goals are for ourselves we conjure up ideas out of that goal(s) to make it happen. Your dreams and aspirations should push you to strive for your goals. Never let anyone or anything hold you back from reaching that goal(s) that you set for yourself.


WOTD: Listen

Good Morning from the TaylorMade family! I hope everyone is doing well and having a wonderful Tuesday. Today we will talk about what it means to be a good listener. In order for someone to intake as much information and retain as much knowledge as possible, they need to have the qualities of a good listener. Good listeners tend to not say anything at all even after the other person has made whatever point they were trying to come across. Instead  they take that information, digest it, and remit it back to the person in the most professional way possible so that way you know what you're talking about. A lot of people fail to listen to what another has to say because they feel that whatever point they're trying to get across is more important than what the other has to say and that leads to conflict. If no one listens then there could be vital information that is missed between the individuals involved. So the best thing to do if you want to maximize your personal growth and business growth  is to listen, because that person that's giving you this information might have information that you never knew about that could be beneficial to you, your life and/or your business/workplace.

Today's quote comes from American poet Robert Frost from Brainy Quotes:

"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence"

My interpretation of Mr. Frost's quote is pretty straight-forward in the sense where he says that with education  you'll know how to listen and comprehend any information given to you without immediately losing control of yourself if things doesn't go how you expect it to. Lack of education causes one to make irrational decisions and it is based solely on emotions and not knowledge.

WOTD: Self-Taught

Good Morning TaylorMade family, happy Thursday! I hope everyone is doing great. It seems like Spring wont come at all huh? Well hopefully in the coming weeks we can hang up the heavy coats and clothing. Today I want to get on the topic of being self-taught and what it means to be teach yourself how to attain a new skill set or upgrade your current skill set to be a better asset to yourself or to a company that you're working at. Like anybody in the workforce, you want a larger salary right? Of course wanting a higher salary and earning a higher salary are two very much different things. You can't want a higher salary and expect to just get it, you have to earn it and what's a better to earn a higher salary? outperform your basic skill set by either learning a new one or be willing to push your skill set to higher limits. Learning a new skill and acquiring a new skill takes a lot of time and patience but it will all be worth it in the end.

Today's quote comes from french photographer and filmmaker William Klein from Brainy Quotes:

"I had no real respect for good technique because I didn't know what it was. I was self-taught, so that stuff didn't matter to me"

 What I think this quote means is that people who were self-taught like Mr. Klein didn't see a need to learn any techniques from anyone since he's been self-taught. I think that this ideology is good and bad in a sense because being self-taught gives you the ability to hone your skills that you yourself learned but at the same time it limits you from learning from others who also has the same capabilities but approached it differently, you could learn something from that individual that you never initially knew.

WOTD: Pressure

Good Morning from the TaylorMade family! Happy Monday. I hope everyone is having a great start to their day today. This is a question for everybody, have you ever felt under pressure from work? or anything that you're doing for that matter? Pressure derives from expectations from other people and sometimes even yourself, and when you can't meet those expectations you suddenly get this sense of depression and the feeling that you aren't good enough. Those thoughts and feelings are detrimental to one's health and well-being. We all understand that you have to meet certain expectations at your place of work on a daily basis, but is it worth your health? or your entire life for that matter? Of course not. My solution to this is to clear your mind and take things one step at a time because most people who are under pressure are usually swamped with many different tasks that has certain deadlines, some obviously closer than others. Once you clear your mind, then take a breather and start organizing your tasks from least important/due dates being at a later time to most important/due dates being an earlier time. Once you do that then everything becomes much easier and you can do things much more efficiently. The only time pressure exist is when you're constantly being reminded by your superior or yourself that you have a pending task to complete when deep in the back of your mind, you already know this. The constant reminder is what really adds the pressure to whatever task(s) you're working not the actual task itself. So to summarize if you know you have something under control already, don't pressure yourself about it, just finish it, you'll see at the end that it was really nothing to stress yourself about in the first place.

Today's quote comes from American neurosurgeon, author and politician Ben Carson from Brain Quotes and he states:

"No matter how good you are at planning, the pressure never goes away. So I don't fight it. I feed off of it. I turn pressure into motivation to do my best."

My interpretation of this quote is that no matter how careful you do plan to tackle the pressure, it actually never goes away, so instead of tackling it turn it into motivation. While I don't wholeheartedly agree with this quote, Mr. Carson does make a point stating to turn pressure into motivation. If you're under pressure it motivates you to get the job done and start on something else that's hopefully not as stressful or puts you under a lot of pressure. I disagree with the fact when he states that "pressure never goes away". I think that it actually does depending on what you're dealing with, like I stated in my post, I don't think it's the workload that puts pressure on an individual it's either you, the individual or your superior at your workplace that does.