WOTD: Situations

Good morning everyone from the TaylorMade family! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We're back at it again for another week of hard work and making differences! Now I am pretty sure we all have been in situations that we are unsure of how to handle. How do you cope with that ? how do resolve that current situation that you are caught up in? I will tell you 3 easy steps to conquering that challenge and tackling it head on and reapply these steps for any situation that you might catch yourself in. First step is to evaluate the situation, see what exactly is going on from A to Z. Second step, draft up an outline of how you will be tackling the situation. Explore your pro's and con's, if you do this then this will be the outcome or if you do that then this will be the outcome. After you map out your blueprint of how you'll be tackling the issue head-on then you go on to step three, which is execution of step 2. This should be the easiest part because you have mapped this out in step 2 so all your doing is just following the steps that you came up with in step two and ensuring a smooth outcome. Now not all executions will be smooth, there will be hiccups along the way that requires some compromising (see previous post about compromising) and you will have to think quick on how you will be compromising. Usually with improvisations it requires really fast thinking since you will most likely be pressed for time since this is a sudden issue but when you successfully improvise and fix the existing issue then you continue on with your execution and finally dissolve the situation that you were in.

Today's quote comes from Phoebe Snow  of BrainyQuotes and she states that:

"Sometimes when you're in a situation - when you're in the darkest of darkness - that's when your priorities are reordered"

This quote from Ms. Snow resonates with many people in the sense where people makes the rashest decisions based on their current predicaments, so mentally they are trying really quickly to find a solution to a problem that requires that certain amount of urgency. All in all we, as humans are capable of handling only but so much stress which is detrimental to our health. So the best thing for us to do is try to find that peace of mind and create a coping mechanism to reduce that amount of stress. 

WOTD: Compromise

Good morning and happy Friday everyone! We survived yet another week. How nice is it that we can finally relax and slowly get out of work mode and into party mode every end of the work week? For some, they already have made plans an entire week in advance. For other's, it more of ideas that just comes to mind that they embark on doing in that point in time. Some ideas that was already planned a week in advance might end up falling through at the last minute and now you have to think of something else, this comes down what we will be talking about today and that's the idea of compromising. Usually when we come up with an idea, say for the weekend or a business idea, we don't think about the "what'if's" we just come up with the idea and hope that it all works out when the time comes. With that state of mind, it creates a huge problem for individuals because it gives off the "it's my highway or the highway" mentality which is setting them up for failure if everything doesn't go as planned. So we always have to have a plan b just in case a crisis hits. 

Today's quote comes from Madeleine M. Kunin from BrainyQuotes  and she states that:

"Compromise, contrary to popular opinion, does not mean selling out one's principles. Compromise means working out differences to forge a solution which fits the diversity of the body politic"

My interpretation of this quote is that people get this misconception that to compromise means to throw away your original beliefs and ideologies but in fact it's the complete opposite. We make these compromises to better enhance the outcome of our situation. Just like Ms. Kunin said, "Compromise means working out differences to forge a solution which fits the diversity of the body politic". We have to sort our differences to create a solution to our current situation that's hindering us from moving forward.

WOTD: Peace

Good Afternoon from the TaylorMade family! I hope everyone is doing wonderful on this Tuesday morning. Lets make the best of our day today and have a positive mindset to get us through today. Today we will talk about the idea of "peace" and how it impacts our everyday lives, business and state of mind. Everyone has their ideology of what peace means to them. We use this coping mechanism as a way to make it through a stressful day at work or just a stressful day in general. We each have our own distinct ways of making the best of creating a peaceful environment around us no matter what we may be going through on any given day. This is highly important because it allows your mind to be contained and not think about so many different things which causes a lot of stress. This is especially needed in the work place because depending on what you have to do on any given day it can become very stressful and overwhelming. As humans our mind and bodies can take but so much stress and it can cause it to shut down. This is why we all need a coping mechanism to deal with the pressure and stress one might feel on a daily basis. 

Today's quote comes from Swiss designer, entrepreneur and educator, Yves Behar from BrainyQuotes and he says:

"Sometimes you can find peace of mind by transferring yourself. They're just reminders to stay calm..."

What this is means to me is that we all have the ability to find that peace of mind and sometimes it can be attained by changing up certain habits and mindset about yourself and utilizing those characteristics to establish that peace of mind.

WOTD: Exit

Good Afternoon from the TaylorMade Family! I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and is ready to jump start a new week of endless opportunities! Today's word of the day is "Exit". We are going to examine what this word means in the business world. When you hear "exit", to most non-entrepreneur's they wouldn't understand what that means but to us business-minded individuals we know that when we think about the word "exit" we think about either filing for an IPO or getting acquired by a bigger firm. In the business world, this is the end goal to all of our years worth of hard-work, sleepless nights, and countless meetings. Being a business owner, you have so many responsibilities that you have to adhere to and try to follow on a day-to-day basis, making sure you hire the right team and delegate the right responsibilities to the right person. In the beginning, this may be a difficult process because you're going through trial and error with each person that you hire because maybe they might not be a good. All in all, when it comes to an "exit" there's a lot of planning, research and due diligence that's involved when it comes to a long-term goal of that manner.

Today's quote comes from Ryan Holmes from BrainyQuote and he states that:

"An exit is only a success if you set an exit as your primary goal. My primary was to build a globally influential tool, to build something from the ground up that could literally change how we communicated in business and individually."

My interpretation of Mr. Holmes quote is that in his opinion, he doesn't feel like an entrepreneur should be focused on an exit, instead they should be focused on building something that would have an impact on a global scale. In my opinion, I feel that while, yes you should be focusing on building out your brand on a global scale but at the same time at some point you will start to think about your end goal. At the end of it all you just want to know that you are satisfied with the results of all your hard work that you put in throughout the years.

WOTD: Overcome

Good Afternoon everyone ! How was everyone's weekend? I hope it was excellent albeit a bit short. We are already in June! Can you all believe that!? It felt like yesterday was the beginning of the year! What's happening? In any event there's no complaint here from a political standpoint. Based on the events that's taking place as we speak and  past events that has occurred, we have to follow the mantra of overcoming a situation(s). Once we learn to do that then we can act accordingly and and map out our next steps as to how we can efficiently work around or through our obstacles. Overcoming an obstacle or task is no easy feat because of the many things that may be accompanied with that task on hand so careful planning and consideration of certain elements of that task must be accounted for. Once we do overcome that task everything else becomes feasible. It also adds a sense of accomplishment of being able to handle certain tasks at hand and gives you the experience of being able to handle forthcoming tasks with the same caliber.

Today's quote comes from American coach Pat Riley from BrainyQuote and he states that:

"If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges"

My interpretation of Mr. Riley's quote is that as long as you refrain from having negative thoughts you will always overcome any challenges that's thrown at you. The key is in the planning. You can't tackle an objective without coming up with steps that you will take. Every step is crucial for if there are any errors that might cause a delay in your objective or you will might have to start from scratch. Always be aware.